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Egyptian Natron Beds – Prima Materia Meteoric Glass Source

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The location of the natron and alchemical glass deposits on the Egyptian-Libyan border. If anyone is making a trip to this location, please contact me. I’d very much like to have some glass fragments brought back for me from this location first hand.


The Reconciliation of Religion

The esoteric and inner tradition has been carried and protected by countless people and groups through the ages. Many gave their lives and many sacrificed all they had to keep the lamp burning when it flickered and dimly glowed during the darkest corners of human history. In preserving the wisdom, we have brought forward from the recesses of time, a remnant and a technology of sorts which surely floated with the Ark on the waters and passed down with the Ark of gold and wood. The wisdom belongs to all faiths, to all races and to all in need. It was protected by the Egyptians, by Islam, by Templars, by Tibetans, by Initiatic Orders long forgotten, by every color of man and woman and by those with no conscripted religion. It is in fact, a kind of quality of ‘being’ and thought, an awareness and conscious state that transcends all boundaries and separation and is the great uniter of all things. It is timeless, impossible to speak out loud and is both a tangible and intangible thing beyond all value.

There is an aspect of all beings that ascends to its higher nature and dissolves all realized boundaries at times of need. As we move into a new age of Earth, the troubles and problems appear to be unsolvable and surely headed towards cataclysmic end, but this is not the case. It is within the esoteric traditions that humanity carries its pinnacles of being. That light exists on behalf of all things and with it, our solutions to the ‘unsolvable’ become elegantly solved.

I see the televised broadcasts of the Middle East…Israel and Palestine, the gnashing, constant turmoil and suffering being perpetuated. The reconciliation of both religion and illusory separation can be obtained though only one mean. This is a Work to be done by a few and achieved by many. The time is at hand to begin actualizing peace in the Middle East and throughout the world. Through the Inner work it will be accomplished and through the wisdom of unified minds it shall begin to propagate throughout the collective mind of humanity. This is one of the secrets of the Invisible College. This conflict is not about land nor religion nor is it about retribution. It is about the lie of ‘self’. The time is now at hand to look inside not only our selves, but our fellow man; to experience the reflection of ourselves in others. Gone will be the days when common ground is found and then ‘lost’ by a few who withdraw within their own illusions of separation. We are beginning to see this now and no human will truly able to hide their inner lies no more than a small child attempting to take visible refuge behind a chair or blanket is seen by its parents. We all are becoming able to see it and it is through this all penetrating and all seeing ‘light’, that the illusory kingdoms of those who have ‘fallen’ completely into the material world shall be exposed and through this compassionate and unifying work, all shall be accomplished. As one becomes aware of their illusions and constructed gilded cages, through the gaze of this inner light, a change begins. You most certainly know exactly what I am referring to and have for some time.

This is our future and our Work. Everything exists on many levels and it is through the reconciliation of the seemingly disparate that we find our union and our peace.

The Evolution of the Church – Open Initiatic Ritual

This topic has yet to be broached widely, but I believe the time is at hand to begin open exploration of the future of the Holy See and the broader implications of an evolutionary  change within the Catholic Church as it passes through transition into a new age.

As certain information is disseminated over the coming years, it will be clear, that a significant shift will be experienced by many people seeking spiritual guidance and a path to an Inner Dispensation. The current, outer dogmatic teachings which have been reserved for the masses (i.e. Milk for Babes) will not provide adequate foundations for those with need.

The timeless teachings which have been passed from the last Epoch, have been preserved within many bodies and Orders. As mankind becomes ready to receive the wisdom on a larger scale as the unfoldment of collective consciousness attains a new level, we could very well see a transformation within the established firmaments of religion as we know them today. The Church of Rome could become a new vehicle for the Inner Tradition and Initiatic ritual. While this concept and notion may seem counterintuitive or even repulsive to some, deeper thought and meditation on the repository and Inner, esoteric knowledge archived within that Order may prove most enlightening. The passing of the current church and the transfiguration into a new body provides a symmetry that is echoed in the spirit of the Ages.

While I do not subscribe to, nor condone the actions of the Business of Spirituality, I also understand that everyone is on the Path; across the vast spectrum that is consciousness and awareness. Spirituality is not found outside the ‘self’ but most assuredly the ‘church’ has provided a means of fellowship and community outreach throughout the world for many people. This idea I put forth is seen as a intermediate step to move the masses toward great realizations and immense personal freedom. Religion has become the great divider and functions at times to cause great inner discord and disharmony, but I choose to find a middle ground at this point. The true origins of the Judeo-Christian religions have been in many ways clouded and rewritten, but the true ‘beginnings’ of these ‘faiths’ have but one progenitor and one Path which points to a singular, timeless teaching and truth. Mankind is not ‘hardwired’ for religion, but it is wired for spirit and it in that spirit that our species ascends to its heights.

Exile and Exodus

It wasn’t until just today that I really meditated on this concept and now here it is, gathered around me like a weird shadowy cloud, spinning slowly within the large space I sit in, confronting me with ghosts of past battles, urging me on to send these words to the ether.

When a person of clarity, or sound judgement, strength of being or just plain will of mind threatens the status quo or the cushy and tranquil lies of illusion of those around them, something happens. A quiet, assuredly not spoken consensus to quietly close doors, harden hearts once glowing with friendship or approval and the slow extension of imaginary arms begin to silently keep the beast at bay.

For a person it is exile… Exit..I Leave… or better yet, go and be gone. For a mass of people with garnered and conjoined aims, it become Exodus… the Exit of Us…screw it, we’re out of here and best of luck.

I was watching this documentary recently about the Holy Grail bloodline or something along those seemingly occulted lines, I don’t seriously pay attention to the mash of shit they call documentaries today, but I remember this guy talking about the temporal line of esoteric knowledge passed down…that Underground Stream of wisdom and how at any given point, in any geographical place, a person can see and comprehend the truths, flowing like a weird X-ray that worms its way through everything in its path and that person can make a stand in their place on the Path and reach upwards. This vertical, blinding column of awareness can occur at any time, at any place and as can be expected…it pisses everyone off around them. The transcendence of a person or group causes everyone and everything around them to stop and ultimately, look inside of themselves. It need not be spiritual, although I can see how phenomenal talent, or the will to do the right thing could be the onset of loftier attainment, far down that lonely, lightning ridden desert of minds and experiences future.

To have to face your inner world, with all of its sick and shattered patchworks of the foundation of ego, can be unforgiving. Worse yet, it causes the ripples in the waters of quaint, formal and adolescent cultural contrivances that people grip exhaustively to sustain some remnant of an experienced pinnacle of acceptance, that has long since evaporated. Enough of these ripples eventually become monstrous, twisted and fanged looming waves that seem to stack up in the cold and violent seas of the uninitiated mind.

It is not hard to see why people exile a peer or why a group can commit to exodus from the populace they inhabit. People and groups build inner monuments to their spectacular glory and ‘awesomeness’ and need, not just want, but need to be reinforced by other hand raised salutes of illusory victory of those around them. Ironically, the ones typically exiled were never competing or challenged by them in the first place. They simply wanted to be ‘there’, co-creating and sharing experiences along side them in the great adventure we call life.

It must suck to be afraid of ones own shadow and not have the awareness of its source.

A Sum Total

This blog is really meant to be one thought and should be seen as a unified body of knowledge rather than separate, segmented thoughts. It all fits together. It should also be read from the oldest to newest posts. I will go back and start to fill in all the information I’ve intentionally left out of my original posts, so stop back to see what’s changed.


A genuine note of thanks to those who have emailed me. I enjoy reading your emails and very much enjoy your stories and wealth of information. I welcome all submissions for content and know the small but loyal group of readers enjoy reading others accounts as well.