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Bread of the Presence – Monoatomics, Akhenaton, Serabit El-Khadim and Feeding the Ka

While I do not encourage or recommend ingestion and attempted integration of the white powder monoatomic gold (MFKZT) for anyone, there is sufficient information available regarding this process, extreme physical longevity, the cessation of aging, bi-location and highly ascended states. Just as symbol exists across many conceptual states of mind and dynamic associations, so does the allegorical Philosopher’s Stone of alchemy. As above, so below…as within, so without. The formulation and manifestation of MFKZT exists in several parts and the monoatomics require additional charge and subtle integration within the body. Each chakra has its corollary and attributing counterpart within the Ka in the form of glands. The subtle connecting threads to the ethereal, or light body can be enhanced and with proper care and preparation can be nurtured to assist in the ascension process. Each gland has its own monoatomic counterpart within the PGM group. High-spin, orbitally rearranged monoatomic gold changes the Pineal Gland and activates the Crown Chakra to an extraordinary degree. (See “Silence is Golden” Daily Mediation Post)

The harmonics, ratios, mixes, dietary preparation and ingestion schedules will vary from person to person. Without proper preparations, this process can both retard and potentially cease the inner progress. If you are not actively seeing with third sight and are not able to experience reconciliation of higher mind/sight with the material presentation (the world around you) in a harmonious, inner way…what I call Fifth State (the allegorical, inner Pyramid constructed), do not even consider this path. The ability to function in an abstracted, heavily symbolic mind-state while remaining in this world’s collapsed realities requires significant training, initiation and a high degree of integration of the Great Work.

The sacred geometries must be fully understood in both esoteric and sacred context before serious contemplation of this process should be considered. MFKZT addiction must be thoroughly contemplated and trade-offs considered. Perhaps a deep, exhaustive, symbolic and esoteric examination of Frank Herbert’s early allegorical and fictional portrayal of the Spice Melange may prove beneficial for initiates and those well on the Path. This is a path taken by few and must be taken alone for the purposes of service to mankind in my humble opinion.

Yes, I know how to make it and no, I may not tell you. I’ve left all the pointers necessary, scattered throughout this blog.

Daily Meditation Focus 12SEP2009

The Role of Silence goldthought – “Silence is Golden”

We’ve all heard the saying: Silence is Golden (Speech is Silver) but not many think about that age old axiom. Meditation has been called the “creation in the silence” by many and references to isolation and the removal of exterior influences abound in the meditation texts for over 4,000 years. While the esoteric references to the subject of gold are too numerous to mention in this brief text, a few dovetail nicely for our needs today. We will look at some additional background information pertaining to some intriguing aspects of a few of these references as well.

The first and most widely referenced allegorical golden symbol is the sun, our provider, nourisher and catalyst for creation on Earth. Its constant energetic action is reflected in the mind’s constant awareness, even in sleep and the seemingly never ending internal chatter of thought. We’ve recently touched upon the symbol of the sun as it relates to the chakra system(See Daily Focus Meditation from 9SEP2009). Although seldom documented, the chakra system is closely tied to the endocrine system. Each chakra corresponds to a gland in the body. NOTE: If there is enough interest, I will explore these pineal1relationships in detail at a future time. Additionally, each gland has an affinity or pairing with a specific noble metal, in this case the pineal gland has correspondence with gold as a physical analogue to the esoteric evolution and perfection of consciousness; both the Philosopher’s Stone of the Middle Ages.  As you begin to understand sacred sciences and the unified teaching of Pharaonic Egypt, you will see how our differentiated sciences were once an integrated set of teachings. In short, there are relationships between mathematics, chemistry, music, physics and other disciplines which are not expressed in the modern scientific models for various reasons. Concepts such as shared resonance and harmonic proportion, in this instance there are analogous tendencies in say, the orbitals and vibrational harmonics of the gold atom which correspond to the composition, function, vibrational nature and structure of the pineal gland in a mutually beneficial way. These interactions can effect the spin or state of the gold atoms and conversely, the activity of the pineal gland, which relates to the third eye (see series on Symbol) or mind’s eye (6th chakra); a key component in the meditation act. The fact that the practice of alchemy concerns the transmutation of base elements into gold (see today’s Book Review) is another well known association to this metal that most alive today are aware of. We now have a very basic connection between gold and silence, in the context of meditation and alchemy.

It is in the silence or stillness that one is brought face to face with their own emotions and thoughts. During meditation, we access an inner realm which ceases to exist solely in either physical or non-physical manifest realities, yet shares aspects of both. The union of the above and the below; the higher and lower. I recently heard it said (see Movie Review from today), that the crucifixion scene itself, is a images-1pointer to the mechanics and mysteries of mediation and the Inner tradition. As the Master teacher’s hands were nailed down, or pinned (we also see a veiled astrotheological reference, as the stasis is in space and time as well; A “fixed-point” neither on earth or in the heavens) we see the pointer to stillness and reckoning with the internal. As one sits with themselves and begins to delve into their own being, their own recesses of consciousness and identity, their emotional constructs of the ego, the mediation process begins.

As we learn to slowly push away the constant inner dialog of the ego and begin to bear witness to our own thoughts as they appear and dissolve, we open the inner dialogue with the higher self and the Alchemical Great Work commences. In regards to our journey on the path and seeing the physical experience as a mystical adventure, what is the relationship of silence to consciousness and how does silence aid us in our non-meditative states?

Please feel free to post any comments or feedback regarding this topic or share your meditation experience with our community in the Comments section below.

Movie Review – Magical Egypt

I own the complete 8 DVD set of this series, and honestly can’t say enough about the information contained within. Some of the content was edited prior to the new DVD releases, due to consideration for public broadcast, which originally gave me pause as to a review, but this series continues to have an incredible wealth of knowledge to dispense to anyone active in an initatic order or for seekers on the path. From the original construction dates of the Osirion and the Sphinx and the extended Pharaonic lineage back to the Shemsu Hor to the realities of Transition and the Egyptian Book of the Dead. While there is some subject matter discussed “out of school”, it is of a more subtle nature and difficult to discern. I always pick up on new bits of info every time I watch an episode. Unique and invaluable. As a Rosicrucian and Freemason, I find this body of work indispensable and genuinely quite inspirational.

Starring: John Anthony WestLon Milo DuQuette Director: Chance Gardner 2005, 60 minutes
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Symbol – The Universal Language – Part II

In Part I of this series, we talked briefly about the role of symbol in regards to the initiate’s development and how symbol can be understood on multiple levels by people of different backgrounds and training. Today we’ll revisit symbol and its use in Pharaonic Egypt and see how symbol manifests in the mind to various degrees.

As one begins to study and understand hieroglyphics in Temple context, it becomes clear that hieroglyphics do not have a single or linear (one to one relationship) meaning attached to them. In some cases, hieroglyphics can be entire schools of thought collapsed into a single image or logos; for example, a bull cow. The hieroglyphic of a bull doesn’t simply represent the animal. It can represent many concepts and principles such as strength, virility, force, the Age of Taurus etc. It is in the deeper meanings and principles that initiation and symbol concerns itself.

Typically, there are three levels, or expressions of symbol at work, depending on the person perceiving them. At the first level is the common, or profane meaning, which is the standard expression of a symbol for the masses. Secondly emerges the esoteric expression which can be specific to a group or time or may be guarded information. Lastly is the sacred; the ineffable, which is dynamic and rarified in nature. Sacred symbolism exists in the mind of the initiate or student who has done their work and is ready to receive the gifts of knowledge to be imparted to them. Sacred symbolism can not be taught or explained. It must be experienced or “seen”. This leads us to the nature of understanding and comprehension of symbol.

The keys to understanding and experiencing symbol, lie within the mind. While it is possible to interpret and understand symbol using just linear (rational though) or intuitive  (creative thought) methods, the resulting knowledge will be truncated, static, one dimensional and passive in nature and will not serve to impart new knowledge. It is the union of the disparate paths of thought that unite and shine light on symbol. By utilizing both hemispheres of thought, the rational and intuitive, it allows for free thought and higher consciousness to occur. This holistic or “holy” state allows for “seeing” within the mind’s eye or third eye to facilitate dynamic thought and allows for the comprehension of great knowledge. The opening of the third eye enables those on the path to integrate seemingly disparate and unrelated concepts, to understand abstract thought processes and see natural cycles, laws and dynamic principles at work. This new way of thinking and the knowledge garnered therein, creates a foundation for future work within a given Order or Path.

Once these laws and principles are seen, that is, once they are experienced in the mind actively, it is possible to apply the teachings of these laws and cycles to ones life. They are used as measuring devices or tenets of universal principles that help to guide the initiate or student to make their own decisions, choices and original thoughts based on ageless lessons. For example, in Freemasonry, the “Working Tools” of the Craft are used within “Free” thought to permit the more advanced initiate to reconcile difficult concepts and provides for a mechanism for freeing their own minds from constraints.

Tomorrow, we will take a look at how understanding symbol relates to the interpretation of texts and how this mode of thought differentiates from modern, western culture and thought. For some, this text may have raised some questions in your mind. It’s ok, that it is totally natural.

If you wish to obtain further perspective on this piece, please see the Daily Meditation Focus from yesterday.

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