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The Evolution of the Church – Open Initiatic Ritual

This topic has yet to be broached widely, but I believe the time is at hand to begin open exploration of the future of the Holy See and the broader implications of an evolutionary  change within the Catholic Church as it passes through transition into a new age.

As certain information is disseminated over the coming years, it will be clear, that a significant shift will be experienced by many people seeking spiritual guidance and a path to an Inner Dispensation. The current, outer dogmatic teachings which have been reserved for the masses (i.e. Milk for Babes) will not provide adequate foundations for those with need.

The timeless teachings which have been passed from the last Epoch, have been preserved within many bodies and Orders. As mankind becomes ready to receive the wisdom on a larger scale as the unfoldment of collective consciousness attains a new level, we could very well see a transformation within the established firmaments of religion as we know them today. The Church of Rome could become a new vehicle for the Inner Tradition and Initiatic ritual. While this concept and notion may seem counterintuitive or even repulsive to some, deeper thought and meditation on the repository and Inner, esoteric knowledge archived within that Order may prove most enlightening. The passing of the current church and the transfiguration into a new body provides a symmetry that is echoed in the spirit of the Ages.

While I do not subscribe to, nor condone the actions of the Business of Spirituality, I also understand that everyone is on the Path; across the vast spectrum that is consciousness and awareness. Spirituality is not found outside the ‘self’ but most assuredly the ‘church’ has provided a means of fellowship and community outreach throughout the world for many people. This idea I put forth is seen as a intermediate step to move the masses toward great realizations and immense personal freedom. Religion has become the great divider and functions at times to cause great inner discord and disharmony, but I choose to find a middle ground at this point. The true origins of the Judeo-Christian religions have been in many ways clouded and rewritten, but the true ‘beginnings’ of these ‘faiths’ have but one progenitor and one Path which points to a singular, timeless teaching and truth. Mankind is not ‘hardwired’ for religion, but it is wired for spirit and it in that spirit that our species ascends to its heights.


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  Sean wrote @

I love your optimism! The world is sorely in need of more of them, especially, intelligent ones like you! However, in my humble opinion, you are waiting for a very slow train that is very far away from the station. The Church of Rome has a very entrenched Dogma and change does not come quickly or easily. It took them 200 years to change their judgment of Joan of Arc and change her from a heretic to a saint! Usually, the change that we hope for would take a cataclysmic event to occur. I think your could be right though, time could be at hand for great change, the masses are looking for the answer more now than ever because of the current dark times. BUT…I think that such change will not come from the church, but from a new kind of Messiah or evangelist the world has yet to have experienced. This new champion of the truth and enlightenment could be like a technical second coming. He or she will be charismatic, wise in the ways of media and technology and have mass appeal to many different followers of one god. I can see this person as a spiritual advisor for millions of the plugged in generation, and this power and sway over the masses could bring the change to the churches outer Dogma that is very much needed… OH WAIT… that just the character in the movie “CONTACT” played my Matthew McConaughey , oh well a person can dream. I unfortunately, currently, do not share your optimism, but, I hope and work to change that soon, in the mean time you can carry that torch, you do it well! On the other hand I may have completly missed the point.

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