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Daily Meditation Focus 14SEP2009

Acceptance acceptance

We interact with many people in the course of a day or week and see the many roles and actions associated with those around us.. people working, shopping, playing, crying, praying or just enjoying time on a park bench.

We experience life more fully, not by our actions but through our perceptions of what we are experiencing. I’ve seen the quote: We are not humans doing, we are humans being”. While that may be humorous or simply amusing, there is great truth in it.

We experience suffering when we create conflict between the world out “there” and what we experience internally. We exist here to experience life… from the slightest breeze to the most violent earthquakes. Instead of just accepting the experience we sometimes bring the outside, “inside” and we begin to craft a story about ourselves, which is totally imagined..always. Did you catch that? Apparently not…and that’s the point. Instead of partaking in the moments and allowing the message and wisdom that abounds in every act of nature, to teach and  enlighten us, we were busily engrossed in creating our own illusory storyline.

We create an illusion to satisfy the ego even though it does nothing for us. As we invest energy in these illusory connections, these attachments, we diminish our power and create another anchor that will need to be hoisted later. In regards to our journey on the path and seeing the physical experience as a mystical adventure, how does acceptance relate to compassion and why do our attachments degrade our interpersonal relationships?

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Movie Review – Magical Egypt

I own the complete 8 DVD set of this series, and honestly can’t say enough about the information contained within. Some of the content was edited prior to the new DVD releases, due to consideration for public broadcast, which originally gave me pause as to a review, but this series continues to have an incredible wealth of knowledge to dispense to anyone active in an initatic order or for seekers on the path. From the original construction dates of the Osirion and the Sphinx and the extended Pharaonic lineage back to the Shemsu Hor to the realities of Transition and the Egyptian Book of the Dead. While there is some subject matter discussed “out of school”, it is of a more subtle nature and difficult to discern. I always pick up on new bits of info every time I watch an episode. Unique and invaluable. As a Rosicrucian and Freemason, I find this body of work indispensable and genuinely quite inspirational.

Starring: John Anthony WestLon Milo DuQuette Director: Chance Gardner 2005, 60 minutes
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