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Movie Review – Magical Egypt

I own the complete 8 DVD set of this series, and honestly can’t say enough about the information contained within. Some of the content was edited prior to the new DVD releases, due to consideration for public broadcast, which originally gave me pause as to a review, but this series continues to have an incredible wealth of knowledge to dispense to anyone active in an initatic order or for seekers on the path. From the original construction dates of the Osirion and the Sphinx and the extended Pharaonic lineage back to the Shemsu Hor to the realities of Transition and the Egyptian Book of the Dead. While there is some subject matter discussed “out of school”, it is of a more subtle nature and difficult to discern. I always pick up on new bits of info every time I watch an episode. Unique and invaluable. As a Rosicrucian and Freemason, I find this body of work indispensable and genuinely quite inspirational.

Starring: John Anthony WestLon Milo DuQuette Director: Chance Gardner 2005, 60 minutes
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Movie Review – The Great Year

This DVD was recommended to me by a friend online. The idea of binary star systems is not new and ancient texts often refer to a second sun, often called a dark sun, or black sun. This video details and illustrates the principles of Yugas, precession of the equinoxes (Ages) and how current astronomical models may be incorrect in regards to the mechanics of Procession. Interesting and relevant work in my opinion.

The reality of history, civilization and mankind’s evolving state of consciousness being not just cyclical in nature, but also tied to larger galactic cycles, is being discussed more openly in recent years. A very good DVD in many respects.

Starring: Walter Cruttenden Director: James Earl Jones 2003, 46 minutes