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Egyptian Natron Beds – Prima Materia Meteoric Glass Source

Screen shot 2009-10-29 at 5.36.42 PM


The location of the natron and alchemical glass deposits on the Egyptian-Libyan border. If anyone is making a trip to this location, please contact me. I’d very much like to have some glass fragments brought back for me from this location first hand.


Book Review – The Mind as Healer ~ The New Heresy

The Mind as Healer ~ The New Heresy – Onslow Wilson, Ph.D. and contributing Authors

ThisMhealer2 book was recommended to me, by my long time mentor and Brother in several of the Orders I belong to. It is a collection of essays, reports and presentations from the First Annual Metaphysics Symposium in 1986.

The event was held at the Egyptian Museum in San Jose, California and marks a pivotal transition in Western culture’s attitude towards a mind-body connection. This piece details early references to the role and influence of the Observer, holistic health models, problems inherent to fragmented and reductionist approaches in health care as well as the myriad inconsistencies in pharmaceutically oriented treatments.

There is supportive research on the role of glands and their effectiveness in self healing when stimulated by mediation (pineal, hypothalamus, pituitary) as well as slew of case studies and documented accounts of spontaneous healing by the practitioners who treated the patients.

This piece is an eye-opener.

The Mind as Healer on Amazon

Daily Meditation Focus 10SEP2009

The Role of Breath IIAb4b

The relationship of air, the opening of the vital pathways in the body and respiration in general, is an integral theme to the global body of esoteric knowledge going

back to the beginning of the teachings themselves. It is often the case that discourses in breathing, are frequently the first step in mystical lessons, healing arts and in many of the meditation practices.

It is often noted that in our breathing, we take in the vital life force surrounding our planet, to animate our bodies pranayama_kundalinias we inhale and to expel waste energy and purify them as we exhale. The practice of Pranayama, or “control of the life force”  is said to be more than 3,000 years old. This practice teaches control of, and specific uses for, various breathing techniques for the purposes of prolonging life, curing illness and attaining rarified states of mind.

In the ancient Egyptian temple of Luxor, the large hall of columns in the section of the temple representing the human chest and lungs (see part III of the series on Symbol), has elaborate carvings of the cycles of the moon at the base of each of the columns that correlate to not just the rising and falling of tides and the human chest cavity, but specific intervals of breath to induce altered states of mind as well. In regards to our journey on the path and seeing the physical experience as a mystical adventure, how does our ability to control the function of breath (the only vital function we are able to consciously control) relate to its purpose and use and how is this advantageous to those of us on the path?

Please feel free to post any comments or feedback regarding this topic or share your meditation experience with our community in the Comments section below.

Healing Arts – Magic Soup Recipe

This recipe was developed using traditional chinese theories. It is very good for bone, cartilage and organ repair and has been used with great success against cancer. I had an athletic injury and had damage to the my left knee; ACL, MCL, meniscus and some surrounding tissue. The doctor had said it could take 12 weeks to recover. I drank this soup twice a day (a large soup mug)and by the 7th day I had no pain or swelling and would totally forget about the injury during the day while I was at work. Pretty amazing. (NOTE- if used as a cancer treatment: as I understand, you should continue to drink the soup after remission and use it as a preventative step). For lung and liver damage, it can take several months to complete repairs. This soup is a clear, greenish/yellowish liquid. It tastes like a medium flavored cabbage broth. Some people do not like the taste. I had no issues with the taste. The hardest produce to acquire are the green daikon tops. Whole Foods will sell you the daikon with the tops on if you ask in advance. Most purveyors will remove the tops for sale.

Magic Soup Recipe

  • 16 ounces white daikon
  • 8-10 ounces white daikon greens
  • 8-10 ounces carrot
  • 8 ounces burdock root (called Gobo in Japanese,
    Uang in Korean, Ngao pong or Niu pang in Chinese)
  • 3-5 fresh shitake mushroom (sundried) – if not
    sundried, expose dried mushrooms to sun again.
1. Don’t peel anything! Don’t add any seasoning!
2. Fill a pot with three times the quantity of water
as the vegetable. When it comes to a boil,
reduce the flame and simmer for two hours.
Strain and drink.