OUR DAILY BREAD – a blog for esoteric living

For those who see life as a Mystical Adventure


This blog was the suggestion of several of my friends and family members.  The mission of this work is to provide articles, reviews and general esoteric subject matter, drawing from the various orders, schools of thought and philosophies from around the world and throughout history, in relatively small bits.

My personal direction is to provide those who are either on the Path or those being drawn to it, with an additional resource at their disposal. I believe it is important to not prejudge or arbitrarily discard any source of inspiration or knowledge that may be different or seemingly disparate to the body of knowledge, that one already has acquired.

I welcome suggestions, articles or guidance for this project.  I believe we can learn from each other and tend to see the similarities with others, rather than focussing on the differences.

I am an active Freemason, Martinist and Rosicrucian, following the inner tradition and gnostic path. This is my first blog, so bear with and join me for an online adventure. I enjoy meeting others with similar pursuits. “We are spiritual beings, having a physical experience.” – not my quote

Professionally, I have been in the Entertainment and Internet industry for about 15 years. During my time in these industries, I have done quite a bit of writing.. not by choice. From technical briefs and executive presentations to white papers, research documentation, FAQs and even a portion of a Senate Bill. I make no claim to fame in regards to my literary skills and a very good friend of mine, whom I consider a Grammar Elitist, has commented on my lack of appropriate punctuation skills. Nevertheless, I will attempt to not cause too much distress to the readers of this blog through my writing skills 😉

The artwork used in the title graphic for Our Daily Bread is a cropping of one of my favorite pieces of esoteric art, painted by Alex Grey. Alex is a truly gifted and creative artist who has created an amazing body of work during his career. Please visit his website for more information and enjoy his visually stunning and inspiring creations. Click the complete image of his 1996 work, Nature of Mind below to visit his website.



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  Janis Aaron Moore wrote @

Dear Ron Wetzel. I found your blog while searching for Onslow Wilson. I met Dr. (PhD) Wilson when I was a member of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC. I am very new to blogs, so I am not certain how to begin navigating your site. But the things I have read so far make me want to initiate contact. I was also a Martinist, so we, apparently, have a little in common in that regard. Having recently had a cochlear implant, I have been confronted with the “war” between alternative healing and allopathic medicine. (This saddens and troubles me greatly!) I started a modest blog about my cochlear implant experience at http://www.talkshop.info/blog. I hope this brief introduction will entice you enough to reply. Warm regards, ;-D Janis

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