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Daily Meditation Focus 7SEP2009

The Union of Opposites AndrogyneYHVH

In regards to the collective esoteric schools of thought and occult laws, the concept of opposites, specifically, the union of opposites, is a key and essential element in most aspects of their teachings. Duality and conflict will give rise to union and resolution if the opposing forces or principles can be reconciled wisely.

angel-i-orelToday’s focus for mediation deals with the intertwined relationship of seemingly opposite, or polar, concepts.

The alchemical theme of the Androgyne is regarded as a highly prized achievement or principle attainment for Adepts pursuing the alchemical Work. The androgyne signifies the integration of disparate elements into a more perfected state than either of the individual components could achieve alone. In the context of thought, specifically opposing aspects of thought such as intuition and logic, a union of opposites brings forth an entirely new reality of thought as well as expanded states of consciousness.

This union allows for normally static or linear thought processes to become animated; to allow the faculties of creation, sight, reason and vision to work together in a new way. In regards to our journey on the path and seeing the physical experience as a mystical adventure, how would the union of reason and intuition assist us, to better understand natural or cosmic laws, principles and phenomena?


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