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The Reconciliation of Religion

The esoteric and inner tradition has been carried and protected by countless people and groups through the ages. Many gave their lives and many sacrificed all they had to keep the lamp burning when it flickered and dimly glowed during the darkest corners of human history. In preserving the wisdom, we have brought forward from the recesses of time, a remnant and a technology of sorts which surely floated with the Ark on the waters and passed down with the Ark of gold and wood. The wisdom belongs to all faiths, to all races and to all in need. It was protected by the Egyptians, by Islam, by Templars, by Tibetans, by Initiatic Orders long forgotten, by every color of man and woman and by those with no conscripted religion. It is in fact, a kind of quality of ‘being’ and thought, an awareness and conscious state that transcends all boundaries and separation and is the great uniter of all things. It is timeless, impossible to speak out loud and is both a tangible and intangible thing beyond all value.

There is an aspect of all beings that ascends to its higher nature and dissolves all realized boundaries at times of need. As we move into a new age of Earth, the troubles and problems appear to be unsolvable and surely headed towards cataclysmic end, but this is not the case. It is within the esoteric traditions that humanity carries its pinnacles of being. That light exists on behalf of all things and with it, our solutions to the ‘unsolvable’ become elegantly solved.

I see the televised broadcasts of the Middle East…Israel and Palestine, the gnashing, constant turmoil and suffering being perpetuated. The reconciliation of both religion and illusory separation can be obtained though only one mean. This is a Work to be done by a few and achieved by many. The time is at hand to begin actualizing peace in the Middle East and throughout the world. Through the Inner work it will be accomplished and through the wisdom of unified minds it shall begin to propagate throughout the collective mind of humanity. This is one of the secrets of the Invisible College. This conflict is not about land nor religion nor is it about retribution. It is about the lie of ‘self’. The time is now at hand to look inside not only our selves, but our fellow man; to experience the reflection of ourselves in others. Gone will be the days when common ground is found and then ‘lost’ by a few who withdraw within their own illusions of separation. We are beginning to see this now and no human will truly able to hide their inner lies no more than a small child attempting to take visible refuge behind a chair or blanket is seen by its parents. We all are becoming able to see it and it is through this all penetrating and all seeing ‘light’, that the illusory kingdoms of those who have ‘fallen’ completely into the material world shall be exposed and through this compassionate and unifying work, all shall be accomplished. As one becomes aware of their illusions and constructed gilded cages, through the gaze of this inner light, a change begins. You most certainly know exactly what I am referring to and have for some time.

This is our future and our Work. Everything exists on many levels and it is through the reconciliation of the seemingly disparate that we find our union and our peace.


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