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Daily Meditation Focus 12NOV2009


In an age of materialism images-1 and supercharged egos, the notion of humility may be quickly discarded or dismissed. While it is true that most continue to learn, evolve and expand throughout life, many attribute acquired knowledge and experience to conquest or equate material possession as power and discard humility in the face of their fellow humanity.

I must admit, I struggle daily with the internalization of humility. For those on the path, certain truths are imparted and states of mind expand to reveal higher principles and orders at work in the space we inhabit. There are times when I quite frankly want to grab the people around me by their consciousness and say “can’t you see that?”, but of course the typical response is for them to nod their heads aloofly and stare into the closest advertisement or television and comment on the latest artificial intelligence enabled smoothie maker or $1200 Christian Louboutin shoes.

Humility comes into play heavily when we begin to see the relationships of consciousness to the hierarchies of existence. We all exist as extensions of each other and to the higher realms of consciousness. In seeing others as reflections of ourselves we begin to see how the ‘inner’ profoundly effects the ‘outer’, which is largely illusory. To be the consummate student, to learn and ‘see’ how service to others reflects certain higher compassions and assists the higher nature of our ‘selves’ is to internalize humility. The way ‘out’ or ‘up’, is to embrace the illusion, learn from it and love it.

Just as we can not see radio waves or gamma rays, there are conscious realms that do exist which we can not, in this current state, access. They exist above and below and for the most part, are ascended aspects of our evolved consciousness in, for lack of a better term, our futures. To believe we are completed or ‘finished’ in this fallen realm of matter is to place ourselves above what have been called the ‘better angels of our nature’. In regards to our journey on the path and seeing the physical experience as a mystical adventure, what is the relationship of humility to meditation and how do we assist ourselves and those around us by internalizing humility?

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Movie Review – Leap!

I watched this movie a few days ago and have had discussions with several friends of mine who have seen it also. This movie is a great compilation of interviews and quotes which build upon each other to create a very good picture of the nature of reality as it relates to those on the path and expanding consciousness. The concept of this world as illusion is very, very old and is a difficult subject to breech in conversation with those unfamiliar with esoteric teachings or initiation.

While many Orders and the Mystery Schools have been preparing minds for this truth for thousands of years (see series on Symbol), the open discussion in a public forum is a relatively new phenomenon. The movie addresses several of the issues that prevent many from accepting this state of consciousness and does a good job of dealing with the paradoxes of this pivotal transition in thought, using general terms and concepts.

This movie is definitely on my holiday gift list for several friends and a few family members. Bravo to the film makers for even attempting to capture this truth on video.


Purchase the Leap! DVD here.

Daily Meditation Focus 11SEP2009

The Role of Human Action sphinx_group

Over the past week we have looked at various aspects and roles related to  meditation. Today I’d like to shift our focus slightly to the role of human action as it relates to a participatory society. In ancient Egypt, the culture was driven by a lofty goal which can scarcely be comprehended by the majority of minds alive today, yet they lived with a sense of purpose and their contributions to the culture they took part in were an integral part of who they were. Imagine a culture where everyone understood the cycle of reincarnation, lived without the massive gravity of overfed egos, were comfortable with who and what they were and saw their life as an expression of the divine principles and laws of nature. A Culture where status, money, title and race had nothing to do with a daily grind and quality of life, sharing, laughter and an overwhelming sense of unity was the norm.

The principle of love was discussed in this forum a few days ago and we will touch on that principle again briefly. As we move along this path, most of us will we eventually begin to see the world as it is, as illusion. At some point, we see the overwhelming evidence of this for ourselves and our life 911is never the same. It is at that point, that we understand our roles as creators and see the unity of ourselves, our fellow mankind and the Cosmic. As we deal with the people in the Game of Life, our Mystical Adventure, we always have the option to embrace the world around us and through our actions, partake in the many roles and dramas that we become aware of, or we can simple become part of the status-quo and try to forget. To embrace love, or embrace the construct of ego, fear.

It is in our actions, the participation in the human drama, that we see ourselves reflected in others and the world around us. In regards to our journey on the path and seeing the physical experience as a mystical adventure, how do our actions benefit the Illusion; the world around us and what is the role of love in our experience here on Earth?

Please feel free to post any comments or feedback regarding this topic or share your meditation experience with our community in the Comments section below.