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Exile and Exodus

It wasn’t until just today that I really meditated on this concept and now here it is, gathered around me like a weird shadowy cloud, spinning slowly within the large space I sit in, confronting me with ghosts of past battles, urging me on to send these words to the ether.

When a person of clarity, or sound judgement, strength of being or just plain will of mind threatens the status quo or the cushy and tranquil lies of illusion of those around them, something happens. A quiet, assuredly not spoken consensus to quietly close doors, harden hearts once glowing with friendship or approval and the slow extension of imaginary arms begin to silently keep the beast at bay.

For a person it is exile… Exit..I Leave… or better yet, go and be gone. For a mass of people with garnered and conjoined aims, it become Exodus… the Exit of Us…screw it, we’re out of here and best of luck.

I was watching this documentary recently about the Holy Grail bloodline or something along those seemingly occulted lines, I don’t seriously pay attention to the mash of shit they call documentaries today, but I remember this guy talking about the temporal line of esoteric knowledge passed down…that Underground Stream of wisdom and how at any given point, in any geographical place, a person can see and comprehend the truths, flowing like a weird X-ray that worms its way through everything in its path and that person can make a stand in their place on the Path and reach upwards. This vertical, blinding column of awareness can occur at any time, at any place and as can be expected…it pisses everyone off around them. The transcendence of a person or group causes everyone and everything around them to stop and ultimately, look inside of themselves. It need not be spiritual, although I can see how phenomenal talent, or the will to do the right thing could be the onset of loftier attainment, far down that lonely, lightning ridden desert of minds and experiences future.

To have to face your inner world, with all of its sick and shattered patchworks of the foundation of ego, can be unforgiving. Worse yet, it causes the ripples in the waters of quaint, formal and adolescent cultural contrivances that people grip exhaustively to sustain some remnant of an experienced pinnacle of acceptance, that has long since evaporated. Enough of these ripples eventually become monstrous, twisted and fanged looming waves that seem to stack up in the cold and violent seas of the uninitiated mind.

It is not hard to see why people exile a peer or why a group can commit to exodus from the populace they inhabit. People and groups build inner monuments to their spectacular glory and ‘awesomeness’ and need, not just want, but need to be reinforced by other hand raised salutes of illusory victory of those around them. Ironically, the ones typically exiled were never competing or challenged by them in the first place. They simply wanted to be ‘there’, co-creating and sharing experiences along side them in the great adventure we call life.

It must suck to be afraid of ones own shadow and not have the awareness of its source.



  Bro. Jason wrote @

For the average primate, being “out” effectively means an early onset of death (social death at a minimum or perhaps even physical). For the Shaman or the Hero, however, the outcome is different.

For these two archetypes, the path of the banished, the outcast, the rejected, is, in the end, also the path of the renewal.
At the beginning of the journey, the Shaman or the Hero, each must suffer the death of their egoic, socially constructed selves–that limited, reflected image of the self– both put upon the individual by the social group and distorted/co-opted by the individual consciousness and then “rationalized” as being the whole entity.

For the Shaman and the Hero, the fires of banishment consume the ego and are alchemically transmuted into the beginnings of a new life, a second birth–being “born again”, being renewed in mind and spirit.
Classically, for the Shaman, the journey is an inner one and a cosmic one simultaneously. The shaman reconstructs his self-image using the mirror of the universe in lieu of the social mirror, through the lens of inner eye or true self.

For the Hero, the journey begins with being stripped of all external, social aid and then in humbling himself before the universe and achieving a favorable alignment, he finds a kernel of strength conquers his monsters (slays inner dragons, demons, etc), returning to the social group, reborn in a more powerful way.

  ronwetzel wrote @

Very, very wise words my friend. I have wondered whether the Hero’s Journey is initiated by both his higher mind and the collective of those around him. A conjunction of sorts, which harmoniously aligns to begin the conception of a new being…a new point of light for others to follow on the path.

I agree…the destination doesn’t matter. The journey is the experience and the truth.

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