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For those who see life as a Mystical Adventure

Navigating This Blog

When I was setting this blog up, I tried to find a template that allowed me to have some basic tools and information laid out on the main frames, that I could keep in a static position. If you need to get back to the basic home layout, just click the orange “Our Daily Bread” text in the top left corner of the page. As content piles up, an easy way to find posts chronologically in the archives, is to use the Bread Basket archive link on the 3rd column or use the Calendar tool in the 4th column by selecting the date you wish. If the day (number) is highlighted green, there is content available for that day. The Sliced Bread feature on the 2nd column lets you view all the posts sequentially in a general topic like Book and Movie Reviews or the daily Mediation Focus entries.

The other features such as the Tag maps (2nd column) and Cloud Maps (Bread in the Clouds on 3rd colum) let you browse and search on topics and central themes contained the posts. The plan is to keep the layout the same as more content is added. If you would like to see a navigation tool or feature added, please send me an email or post a comment.

Thank you.


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