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Daily Meditation Focus 15SEP2009

Temples and Pyramids 461199-Egyptian-temple-0-1

Throughout the world, remnants and ruins of previous cultures and epochs have become destinations for travelers and sight-seerers since they were constructed. In modern times, these architectural structures are seen in more of a historical light and few who gaze upon these temples and structures see the care or thought, the underlying meaning or teaching left by that earlier man. They see instead, a photo-op or a physical representation of a picture they have kept in their head. People move about these living monuments, waiting for the tour to be over, so they can buy a shirt or book and then stop off at some welcoming establishment for their next Mai-Tai or beer.

Going back to a piece I wrote in this blog a few days ago, I referenced a trip to Washington D.C., taken by a Freemason (Symbol – Part III). In that experience, the prepared Mason can see the wondrous imagery in his mind, brought to life by the symbols carved, graved and sculpted by other Masons from the past. Even though it may be decades, centuries or even millennia later, the message is clear to those who can see.

The Great Pyramid stands now as it has stood for thousands of years. People visit it, climb it and photograph it without giving much thought to the work except how it was built. In the Egyptian Book of the Dead (Book of the Coming Forth of Day; Book of What is in the Duat), the Great Pyramid was known as the Temple of Amun/Amen which means the Secret House of the Hidden One. The word Pyramid comes from the Greek “pyra”, meaning Fire or Light and “midos”, meaning Measure…purimmiddoh, or “Light-Measures” (Fire in the Middle). The length of each side of the Great Pyramid is 9,131 Pyramid inches or Polar inches in length. If you add the sides’ lengths, you get 36,524 Polar Inches. Adding the standard 2/10 of an inch for measurement error, you have 36,524.2, or 100 times the length of each year: 365.242 days. As we look further we find that the height of the Great Pyramid is equal to radius of the circle of solar cycle. The deeper aspect to this geometrical construct, is that in order to properly calculate the verified Pyramid Inch, the Pyramid builders would have had to have known the exact diameter of the Earth.  As you can see, there is often more thought put into these ancient works, than is usually seen with the eye.

It may be that time has erased our references to those builders and the messages they left in the great temples and pyramids, or it may be that we, in our present state, may be too absorbed in self, in the material world, to see those things left to us from the past, in spirit and in mind. The notion that previous cultures translate as ‘primitive’ or unenlightened, may be incorrect. The fact may be that the ability to transcend; to comprehend and internalize the outer world, may have not only been present in previous cultures, but that previous epochs of man may have been well beyond the current range of comprehension as we know it now. As Obi-Wan (or maybe George Lucas) said, “Your focus determines your reality’. If one were to focus outwards just a bit and open their minds to new possibilities, instead of relying on what they “know”, they may find reality to be something much different than they knew it to be. In regards to our journey on the path and seeing the physical experience as a mystical adventure, what roles do the standing temples and pyramids, left by the ancients, play in our present day Mystery Schools and what lessons are to be learned from them?

Please feel free to post any comments or feedback regarding this topic or share your meditation experience with our community in the Comments section below.


Movie Review – Magical Egypt

I own the complete 8 DVD set of this series, and honestly can’t say enough about the information contained within. Some of the content was edited prior to the new DVD releases, due to consideration for public broadcast, which originally gave me pause as to a review, but this series continues to have an incredible wealth of knowledge to dispense to anyone active in an initatic order or for seekers on the path. From the original construction dates of the Osirion and the Sphinx and the extended Pharaonic lineage back to the Shemsu Hor to the realities of Transition and the Egyptian Book of the Dead. While there is some subject matter discussed “out of school”, it is of a more subtle nature and difficult to discern. I always pick up on new bits of info every time I watch an episode. Unique and invaluable. As a Rosicrucian and Freemason, I find this body of work indispensable and genuinely quite inspirational.

Starring: John Anthony WestLon Milo DuQuette Director: Chance Gardner 2005, 60 minutes
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