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Movie Review – Leap!

I watched this movie a few days ago and have had discussions with several friends of mine who have seen it also. This movie is a great compilation of interviews and quotes which build upon each other to create a very good picture of the nature of reality as it relates to those on the path and expanding consciousness. The concept of this world as illusion is very, very old and is a difficult subject to breech in conversation with those unfamiliar with esoteric teachings or initiation.

While many Orders and the Mystery Schools have been preparing minds for this truth for thousands of years (see series on Symbol), the open discussion in a public forum is a relatively new phenomenon. The movie addresses several of the issues that prevent many from accepting this state of consciousness and does a good job of dealing with the paradoxes of this pivotal transition in thought, using general terms and concepts.

This movie is definitely on my holiday gift list for several friends and a few family members. Bravo to the film makers for even attempting to capture this truth on video.


Purchase the Leap! DVD here.

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