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Daily Meditation Focus 10SEP2009

The Role of Breath IIAb4b

The relationship of air, the opening of the vital pathways in the body and respiration in general, is an integral theme to the global body of esoteric knowledge going

back to the beginning of the teachings themselves. It is often the case that discourses in breathing, are frequently the first step in mystical lessons, healing arts and in many of the meditation practices.

It is often noted that in our breathing, we take in the vital life force surrounding our planet, to animate our bodies pranayama_kundalinias we inhale and to expel waste energy and purify them as we exhale. The practice of Pranayama, or “control of the life force”  is said to be more than 3,000 years old. This practice teaches control of, and specific uses for, various breathing techniques for the purposes of prolonging life, curing illness and attaining rarified states of mind.

In the ancient Egyptian temple of Luxor, the large hall of columns in the section of the temple representing the human chest and lungs (see part III of the series on Symbol), has elaborate carvings of the cycles of the moon at the base of each of the columns that correlate to not just the rising and falling of tides and the human chest cavity, but specific intervals of breath to induce altered states of mind as well. In regards to our journey on the path and seeing the physical experience as a mystical adventure, how does our ability to control the function of breath (the only vital function we are able to consciously control) relate to its purpose and use and how is this advantageous to those of us on the path?

Please feel free to post any comments or feedback regarding this topic or share your meditation experience with our community in the Comments section below.


  Christy wrote @

I think the breath and breathing properly are vital to our health and ability to center and focus ourselves.

  ronwetzel wrote @

Christy, thank you very much for your comment. I agree wholeheartedly with your view and also want to congratulate you for the being the first to post a comment on this blog. Very cool.

  Brother Jason wrote @

Personally, I found a basic attention to the breath, that is counting inflow and outflow, retention or simply inhabiting each breath and observing ebb and flow like the tides, to be foundational to zen and yogic practices in reaching mindstates conducive to meditation.

Beyond that, pranayama exercises such as alternate nostril breathing, breath of fire AKA bellows breath, lions breath followed by inverted yoga asanas have led me to experience deep states of bliss, mystical states including feelings of oneness, visions, electrical sensations in my limbs and seem to contribute to lucid dreaming.

Yogis generally recommend caution in proceeding with this last set as it should only be initiated under the tutelage of a master yogi– and not a jazzercise instructor who took a 2 week yoga class.

  ronwetzel wrote @

Brother Jason, thank you for comment and wonderful insight. Ludic dreaming typically signals the onset of higher abilities and a control of the “higher registers” in the mind. A great accomplishment. Peace Profound, Brother.

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