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Daily Meditation Focus 13SEP2009

Procrastination and Distraction  Grimoire2

Today, we will shift gears a bit regarding our focus topic. Many years ago, when I first began actively researching and studying metaphysical and occult texts, I focused on the classic tomes, penned prior to the 20th century. A few of the earliest compendiums added to my later, burgeoning collection were The Grimoire of Pope Honorious, Demonographia, Malleus Maleficarum  and De Plancy’s classic, Dictionaire Infernal. A more common foray to the Path, than some may think.

As my private studies and later, more formal instruction, led me to to see parallels between the classic view of demonology and modern psychological theories, I took the next step and become quite interested in the relationships of esoteric allegory to aspects of evolving consciousness. Much more recently, I had a great conversation with my mentor of 20+ years, who mentioned in passing, that he now only identifies two demons: procrastination and distraction. I chuckled and nodded at first and then actually thought about it.

While character flaws, vices and the like plague many people, regardless of spiritual alignment, these two ego-driven aspects of consciousness can prove formidable opponents in any situation, at any step along the path. I speak of this not in terms of simple hinderances in obtaining the awareness of certain fundamental truths regarding the natures of reality and our present consciousness, but also in regards to preparations for Transition. I’ve heard it said several times over the years, that once a person is on the Path, the only obstacle that prevents them completing the Great Work in that lifetime, is themselves. In that respect, these two constructs of ego accomplish their jobs quite well. Anyone reading this text, as published, understands the draw of the Internet and now, people can tweet, blog, shop and amuse themselves with a growing array of digital delicacies that will not likely slow soon.

Since beginning our ongoing adventure within this blog, we have covered a broad range of topics and concepts, and while it is one thing to experience and internalize them during our meditation sessions, it is quite another to maintain a focussed state of mind, depth of consciousness and overall awareness during the rest of our active daily lives. In regards to our journey on the path and seeing the physical experience as a mystical adventure, what roles do procrastination and distraction play in aiding our progress on the path?

Please feel free to post any comments or feedback regarding this topic or share your meditation experience with our community in the Comments section below.